Jumbo bag Filling Machine

Automatic Jumbo bag filling machine /bulk bag filling machine


Many dry mortar mix plant clients use the automatic ton bag packing machine in the line,Automatic Jumbo Bag Packing Machine Unit is widely used in packing powder and granular materials, mostly adopted by chemical industries, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Working Principle:

 After the bag is clamped, the double butterfly valve cylinder works and opens at the same time. The material enters the packing bag. The sensor transmits the signal to the control system. The signal is processed and transformed into digital display in the weighing instrument. With the increase of the material in the bag, when the set value of rough flow is reached, the control system sends out signals, the rough flow cylinder moves, the rough flow is closed and the fine flow is displayed. Continue feeding, when the set weight is reached, the control system sends out a signal to control the cylinder of the fine flow to retract, close the fine flow, stop feeding, the control system signals the lifting cylinder, the cylinder extends, the packing bag drops, and falls smoothly on the pallet. At this time, the clamping cylinder loosens the opening of the packing bag, and at the same time, hangs the cylinder to work and packs. The bag sling is automatically decoupled. So far, complete the filling of the whole packaging bag.


Artificial bag hanging and bagging-starting, feedingweighingclosing of full scale valve loosening of bagholder  artificially ligating decoupling Transport

Technical Parameter:

Weighing scale Packing speed Packaging accuracy Gas source Electrical source  The total power Vacuum aspiration Size(LXWXH)
500——2500kg 2-3MIN/BAG Static :0.03%FA.OIMLIII Grade 0.4~0.6MPa,  2M3/h AC380V 5.5kw Vacuum Percent:100〜120mmHg 2180x33100x4000
 Dynamic :0.1 % Vacuum Flow:10-12M3/Min


Feature :

1, Automatic PLC control, bag clamping and blowing, feeding and metering, exhausting and finished products conveying. Just need workers to feed on the bag.
2, Large production with different feeding and metering type for powder and granular material.
3, Advanced weighing system ensures fast speed and high accuracy.
4, Simple design for customers to realize easy operation.

Drawing:Automatic Jumbo Bag Packing Machine Drawing Jumbo Bag Cement Packing Machine is used in the project

1000kg Ton jumbo bags packing machine is used in the project