Mortar Spraying Machine

Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine

Introduction :

Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine is specialized spraying machine for spraying mortar, lacquer spray ,putty powder spray,waterproof mortar spray and gypsum mortar spray . For mortar particles below 4-5 mm, mortar can be used for spraying. Mortar spraying machine can be used not only for spraying, but also for filling mortar.In addition, the mortar spraying machine is known as the rapid mortar spraying machine because of its high efficiency spraying speed, because it can spray cement, also known as the rapid cement mortar spraying machine. Because it can spray putty powder, refractory materials, latex paint, fire-proof materials, also known as multi- functional spraying machine.

 mortar spraying effective

Characteristics of Automatic Mortar Spraying Machine:

1. Suitable spraying materials: putty powder, paint, latex paint, real stone paint, cement mortar, dry powder mortar, thermal insulation mortar, waterproof material, fire-proof material, thermal insulation material, sound-absorbing material and other water-soluble materials.

2. Adjust the flow rate to get the best spraying effect.

3. In addition to the switch on the control box, it is equipped with remote control switch spraying.

4. The connection between the spray gun and the feeding pipe can be rotated for easy operation.

5. The construction efficiency is high and the quality is good.

6. Small size, easy to carry on site, low cost of accessories and simple maintenance.

7. Easy to use, fast, material-saving, labor-saving, more cost-saving, a machine with only three people, 150 square/hour (thickness 2 cm).

8. Material ratio:cement :mortar=0.7:3.

Technical Parameter:

We have two types of engine with Electric Mortar Spraying Machine and Diesel Mortar Spraying Machine,under:

Model QH-3B  QH-311 QH-2A QH-511 QH-911
Hopper Volume  50L 50L 30L 60L 50L
Voltage  380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 7.5kw  5.5kw 4kw 7.5kw 7.5KW+2.3KW
Screw Speed 200-600rpm 50rpm 380rpm 500rpm 500rpm
Maximum grain size 4mm 4mm 4mm <5mm ≤1cm
Output 3-6M3/H 3M3/H 2M3/H 5M3/H 3-5M3/H
Max pressure 3mpa 3mpa  3mpa 4mpa 6mpa
Spraying distance 50m ≥60M 50m 50m 60m
Spraying height 30m 30-60M 30m 30m 30m
Spray tube ID  25/32mm 25/32mm 25/32mm 32mm 38mm
Weight 180kg  320kg 175kg 340kg 380KG

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