Valve Bag Packing Machine

Valve Bag Packing Machine

 10TH One Mouth Valve Bag Packing Machine

10TH One Mouth Valve Bag Packing Machine

 20TH Two mouth valve bag packer  machine

20TH Two mouth Valve Bag Packing Machine

 30 TH Three Mouth Valve Filling Machine

30 TH Three Mouth Valve Bag Packing Machine

Introduction :

This valve bag packing machine is a high degree of automation, the computer intelligent automatic recognition, the operation is simple, just workers sidekicks can complete packaging production process, save manpower (3-4), reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce the production cost, improve production efficiency. The machine all the technical indicators meet the national standard requirements, which are widely used in building materials, mining, chemical and other industries dry mortar, putty powder and all kinds of automatic filling of powder material.

Working Principle :

Valve bag filling machine takes motor as power source, drives the impeller in the seat to rotate smoothly to achieve uniform feeding. The sensor measures the weight of material in the bag and inputs the measuring signal into the computer. When the filling weight is reached, the computer outputs the signal, the sealing cylinder extends out into the working state, and the outlet is sealed. At the same time, the pull rod of the electromagnetic iron moves up. The material bag falls down, thus realizing the quantitative and fast packing of loose material belt.

Material enters the grading wheel from the outside bin, enters the gray hopper from the inlet and outlet of the machine base, and evenly delivers the material to the outlet through the smooth rotation of the impeller, inserts the packing bag, touches the stroke switch on the right side of the feeding nozzle, and shrinks the sealing cylinder; the outlet nozzle is smooth, and the filling begins, and the material falls into the bag smoothly. With the increase of the material in the bag, the signal input from the sensor into the computer is also changing. When the material weight reaches the set requirements, the computer outputs the signal, the sealing cylinder extends out, and the outlet is sealed. At the same time, the electromagnet pull rod moves up and the material bag falls down, so as to meet the requirements of automatic measurement and automatic bag dropping.

Widely Usage:

The valve bag packing machine is suitable for packing dry mortar, putty powder, cement ,dry powder, lime powder, gypsum powder,ash calcium powder, calcium carbonate, coarse whiting powder, calcium oxide, bentonite, kaolin, fly ash, coal, and other materials for automatic weighing packaging.

Valve Mouth Bags Design :

 valve mouth pouch

Technical Parameter:

NO Item Unit Technical Parameter
1 Model   LZB50-ISingle mouth LZB50-II Double mouth LZB50-IIIThree mouth LZB50-IIIIFour Mouth
2 Discharge mouth PC     1 2 3 4
3 Capacity T/H 10-15 20-30 30-45 40-60
4 Power KW 4 4X2 4X3 4X4
5 Weighting Scope KG 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50
6 Precision KG +-0.3 +-0.3 +-0.3 +-0.3
7 Bag weight pass rate   95%
8 Feeding Flange MM 280X260 620X260 1350X260 1845×260
9 Machine Weight KG 400 650 1080 1360
10 LXWXH MM 680X1150X1330 1140X1150X1330 1760X1150X1330 2280x1150x1330

Main features:

1)    Fully automatic computer control, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, stable performance, the weighing accuracy;

2)    Automatic pressure, filling bags, loosen, shut down and out bags, and other functions, stable performance, cost-effective;

Fuselage all sealed and equipped with dust removal, reasonable structure, durable, truly environmentally friendly production.

Machine Design:

 storage bin

Storage Bin Design

 Valve Bag Packing Machine Design

Valve bag filling machine design